About us

Maharashtra Aldehydes & Chemicals Ltd.

Maharashtra Aldehydes & Chemicals Ltd. (MACL) was established in the year 1982 as a reliable partner to companies in the Aroma & Specialty Chemical Industry.

The company was revamped in the year 2000 as a Toll Manufacturing unit of Pharma Intermediate product Trimethyl Hydroquinone (TMHQ) for reputed multinational, M/s Merck Ltd.

Foreseeing the future demand of the growing Flavors & Fragrance Industry in India the company started the manufacturing of Diethyl phthalate (DEP).

MACL is the only Indian company that is backward integrated for its raw material; we have Ethyl Alcohol manufacturing facilities with two distilleries within the group. The in-house sourcing as well as expertise of our group in alcohol-based chemicals gives us the leverage to use the best quality alcohol for manufacturing compared to our competitors in the market.

Considering our proficiency in Alcohol we have successfully developed & marketed our new range of Ethyl Alcohol based esters, among which are Tri Ethyl Citrate (TEC), Ethyl Propionate (EP) & Ethyl Butyrate (EB).

We are FSSAI Certified for our Alcohol based Esters and we also have Kosher & Halal Certificates for our Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients.

In line with our expressed mission, MACL is backed by world class manufacturing facilities, a highly functional R&D department & stringent quality assurance systems. Our long-term relationships with multinational companies bear testimony to our strict adherence to intellectual property.

Subsequently, MACL has expanded over the years in terms of volume of production as well as in its product portfolio.

Our Product range now accounts for 4 main verticals, which includes Flavors & Fragrance Ingredients, Plasticizers, Laboratory Chemicals & Animal feed.

We are in the process of developing new products that include 4-MAP & Anethole for the cosmetic & F&F Industry.

We are committed to the Health and Safety of our employees, the welfare of our community & environment protection.